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"So basically, my name is Felicia Noëll Anastasia Addams. So everyone calls me Felix. Wich is more awesome in so much ways. I'm sixteen, though I look much younger. Or, at least that's what people mostly say when I just meet them. I was born and raised in Chicago. Now, when I tell people that for some weird reason the always think I'm a bit of a... wild child. I can't say I'm a wild child but that is definitly not because I am from in Chicago. I'm just a bit of a troublemaker I guess... I usually don't think before I act. So most of the bullshit that comes form my mouth are just my thoughts. I've offended a lot of people that way. But on the other hand, I always get told I'm very honest and people seem to like that. At least I've always had a lot of friends. I had a lot of different friends too. Like, normally people belong to a certain group. Some are misfits, others are popular - just to name the basics because there are lots of groups ín those groups. But I had friends on both sides. I've always been very independent. My mom thaught me that. My dad has never been there for mee, since my mom was a sixteen-and-pregnant type of girl and my dad was a one night stand. Mom doesn't even know what he looked like! Well, he must have been pretty hot, as I am the result. Ah, just kidding, just kidding. I know I'm not ugly though, but it isn't that bad! My brother is, actually. I have one brother - Ezra - and we're twins. He used to be my best friend and because of that I'm still a bit boy-ish. Well maybe not completely because of that - when we were like... ten? Yeah probably ten, we started to grow apart. We just had very different lives. Still have. But we still get along very well.

Why I came to this school? Well my mom wanted us to "explore the world" and "find our own destiny" and all that kind of stuff. So we had to find a school in a whole different city and built our own lives there. I choose this school because I don't know anyone here yet and that may sound weird to you - most people do exactly the opposite - but I see it as a challenge. And I like challenges. And I like being different, doing the opposite of what everyone else does. I've always done what I liked, wore what I loved, said what I wanted. And to this day I still do that, it has never dissapointed me. It's not as if I only get compliments on what I do or wear or say, but that isn't my goal. I don't want everyone to like me. That's impossible. I just want to be noticed. But not in a Miley Cyrus way! No way. I’m not going to walk around semi-naked just to get attention. What I mean, in that way you are a attention-whore, and that is definitly not what I’m trying to be. There’s a huge difference between being a attention-whore and wanting to be noticed. I just always have the feeling I’m mainstream and normal and boring and if there’s one thing I don’t want to have then it must be a boring life. I also always have this feeling – wich sounds really egoïstic – that I’m not apreciated enouhg. That I deserve more. But it isn’t something I often talk about or something that really shows to other people… I’m not good at talking about or showing my true and “deep” feelings anyways. I don’t know why… maybe it’s a boyish thing, and I’m definitly half a boy. Not that I’m transgender. I don’t want to be a boy. I just grew up with lots of boys and strong women around me. Not that strong women can’t be girly, but… you get my point right? I just get along with boys very well. Wich makes it weird for me to think about them in a more… romantic way. Though I’m also not into girls. I’ve been “in love” a few times. You know… just the teenager “in love” things. Really strong crushes actually. All on boys. And it’s also not that I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship… It’s just complicated I guess. You know, if it comes, it comes but I’m not looking for it. Maybe that’s why it’s called “falling” in love. You can’t force yourself into it… I’ll just make some friends first. Wich shouldn’t be difficult for me. I hope it works out here too. But I guess it will, people seem to adore my sarcastic sense of humor. Well in Chicago they did at least. But people aren’t that different around the world. One thing that people need to accept from me if we become friends is probably my love for playing my music really loud at random times. And my music isn’t some Justin Bieber shit. Oh well, I hope I didn’t offend you by that. I’m more a rock kind of type. Paramore is my all time favorite. It was the first band I loved. I’ve loved them from when I was 13 and I have seen them live once. That was amazing. I love hayley – their leadsinger – not only her voice is perfection, she’s just an awesome person. And her style is amazing. I would never dye my hair likes hers, I love my hair too much for that, but… she’s my idol, really. I’m also a big fan of the Pretty Reckless. They’re amazing too. Taylor’s voice is to die for. But the list goes on forever. There are so much artist that I love. Bring Me The Horizon… wich is more punk rock… Sleeping With Sirens… well, too much.

I don’t think there’s much more to tell… Well just some little – sometimes weird – facts. Like, I have a lip balm fetish. I have at least 12 different brands of it. And from those brands usually not less than 3 different kinds of lip balm. I like special ones; honey, mango, coconut, chocolate, apple, orange, etc. Strawberrie and those kinds are a bit too mainstream.
Well another fact about me is that I love writing. I used to write little stories down in a small notebook when I was little and read them to my classmates at the back of the class. That was fun. I still sometimes write stories. I don’t have that much time for it though and it isn’t something I want to do as my job. I want to become… something with adventures and challenges and maybe a little bit of writing. I love adventures and I need an exciting job. Nothing boring. But I’m still young, first I’ll need to finish school. And this interview, ‘cause I think I’m ready. Yeah? Alright, it was nice talking to you.
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